AKA Apple, or Mat.

About me

Hey! If you are here you most likely already know me personally, but if you don't, I'm a 21 year old French Student, who just moved to Finland, a country I've ended up loving more than I could imagine.

I graduated University in France with an English Degree.

I love History, Languages, Geopolitics, and having mindless fun with friends.

I play the Kalimba! I love to make friends around the world and hear about cultural differences.

Read more about my interests down below, and read other pages if you wish. =)

Places you might know me from is the oldest SMP Minecraft server around, at 12 years old!

I am a Moderator on the server, and have built a lot on there, it is a community on which I met most of my current online friends, if you wish to know more about it, read the following!


No clue how you found me if you know me from University, but hi!

I've finally left this terrible place, thankfully.

You know me IRL

Well this is awkward...

Other places

I'm actually not sure what other places you could have found this from, but hi! If you found my website thanks to it being linked on my CV, I hope you're enjoying it. =)

Games I like to play

  • I've played Minecraft on and off since somewhere around 2010-11, but for the longest time on a cracked client, I sadly only bought a legitimate account in September 2020.

  • I like the Hitman series, strategic and very replay-able.

  • WorldBox is a fun sandbox where you can do basically whatever you wish!

  • Age Of History II is a geopolitical war simulator, think of Hearts of Iron IV, but much simpler/lower budget..

Those are main games I own and play on and off, other than that, I like a lot of History focused games, open worlds and simulation games, I have very broad tastes in games!

My Steam account: Appleheadfr