Life In Finland

03/12/2022 -Night Out After Work

Work on the 2nd was very tiring, today was also pretty intense, but went better I felt. The last table left past midnight, we then stayed for maybe another hour and a half as some coworkers were having drinks and chatting, before going to a bar near the restaurant, with coworkers to get our favorite drinks. I have already shared a picture of my favorite drink from there, which I could drink from the faucet because it's so good, and not strong in alcohol. I ended up going back to our apartment at 3:30AM, freezing due to the warm temperatures of the Finnish winter... That did lead me to buying warm base layer on the 4th, today as I write this. (like long underwear to make sure your legs don't freeze in the negative temperatures...).

More updates will come soon as Finnish Independence day is coming on the 6th, this will be very fun!

Take care everyone. <3

01/12/2022 - Tickets to France!

This day I booked my flight to France and back for New Years with my family, it'll be nice seeing them again after 4 months in Finland. I have also been in Finland for over 3 months now. Time flies, but things are good here, still. I am looking forward to this flight, though it is also stressful.

21/11/2022 - New Phone and First Snow!

On this day I had to buy a new phone as the old one died on me, after around 3 years of service. I bought a Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, discounted thanks to Black Friday week!

The first snow also came, I took a few pictures, I really like snow and its ability to excite me about coming Christmas. Though it also means the temperatures are getting colder, I can feel it every day when going out!

14/11/2022 - Residence Permit

Recently we remembered we still needed for me to obtain a residence permit in Finland, as you need one if you stay in Finland for more than 3 months, I filled an online application and paid for the 50€ fee (ouch), I will now have to wait for it to be processed, but things should be fine now, as I will soon have been in Finland for 3 months, it was about time I'd get that residence permit!

Updates about this will come later! It was also Father's Day in Finland yesterday!

28/10/2022 - 2 Months In Finland!

It's officially been two months since I've been in Finland. It's weird to think about, a lot of things have changed, but I'd say only in good ways. I consider myself lucky, I have a job, an interesting one on top of that, instead of a cleaning job or something very boring which is usually what foreigners who don't speak Finnish get, I got a Finnish registration ID, I'm taking Finnish classes, I made friends, I've been having fun, things are working out.

I'm also considering getting a new tattoo, but more updates on that will come later if I do get one.

I do miss my family, but I'm seeing them again soon, for New Year's, which we're spending in France.

I also finally uploaded the Visit of the Turku Cathedral video I mentioned weeks ago: Here is the video!

The recent lack of updates was mostly due to a lack of time to do so, but here they are, things are great, and the coming weekends should be fun as well. =)


21/10/2022 - Visiting Family

During this weekend, we went to visit my girlfriend's family, we hadn't seen them in a while, and I hadn't been at thei r place since two years ago. It was very fun, and we got to enjoy a real wooden sauna again, as opposed to electrical ones, which aren't as enjoyable.

We also made homemade pizza, which turned out great!

15/10/2022 - Bar Night

After a tiring night at work, coworkers and I went to the bar for a few drinks, I had a nice, sweet cocktail I liked but don't remember the name of. We did end up quite tipsy, if not drunk, but I made great memories with them, totally worth it.

13/10/2022 - Buying Costumes

Yesterday, my partner and I bought some vinyl for our record player, she bought a Hozier album while I got the ABBA Gold collection album, the fun thing is that the vinyl are golden on this one, very aesthetic.

When it comes to today, me and a (coworker) friend went to buy costumes for an upcoming Halloween party, it was a lot of fun, I ended up buying a Jesus costume, and I shall rock it at the party, it does bring a lot of excitement, I can't complain about my situation in Finland at the moment... I found a job, have a nice apartment, and made friends. I consider myself lucky. After getting our costumes, we went to the Turku cathedral for no other reason than "Why not?", I then went to a tattoo parlor for a quick talk about a current tattoo idea, but I'm still thinking about it.

Then I went home and cooked some dinner, another good day =)

PS: I swear I'll get to the editing of the footage I have from the church soon...

08/10/2022 - Late Night

Work yesterday was very nice, very calm and rather slow night, but made it easy to handle, today however, was way more busy and things had to go very fast, but I managed, especially thanks to coworkers helping. It was a tiring night but everything went well in the end. After our shifts ended, we stayed out for a bit, talking about many kinds of things, until rather late. I think I can already call two of my coworkers my friends. We get along well and they're fun. We were initially four talking after work, then one had to go catch a bus, then we went home, but one kept me company on my way home, where we ended up talking until 2:30AM, in front of my apartment complex, despite how tiring this night was, it was a 100% worth it, things are good. =)

03/10/2022 - Finnish ID number!

Today, I was finally able to go to the tax office to get a tax card (to receive my pay) as well as my Finnish ID number. The wait was rather long, and things were confusing at first, but after about an hour of waiting, it was finally my turn, after 30 more minutes, I finally had my Finnish ID and tax number. Only thing left to get is a Finnish bank account!

I will also try to make another video about Turku in the coming days, maybe about the Turku church!

01/10/2022 - Second Move, and great night at work

Yesterday as well as today have been busy as we moved to an apartment way closer to the city center and our workplaces, it was rather tiring but we got help both from a moving company and my partner's family, so things went well. After the moving, I had to go to work for a busy shift, this evening we had a table of 20 people, for a birthday party.

It was a busy evening, but very fun, and completely worth the effort. It was also the last shift of a coworker, at the end of the nighty we had something to drink together and I went home, to arrive around 2am, but as I said, a great night, worth it. =)

26/09/2022 - Forest Pictures

Once again, today my partner took me on a initially forced mutually agreed upon walk in the forest near our apartment, but it was actually really enjoyable, we are currently in the period of time that is called "Ruska", in Finnish, which is basically the two weeks period where autumn is actually enjoyable, where the leaves are reddening and the sky is still sunny. It's very nice. Here are pictures from the day, which my partner took:

Pictures here!

25/09/2022 - International Marketplace

Today we went to the international marketplace in the city center, it was very fun and we got to try many kinds of (unhealthy) foods, I even found some french people to talk with in French stands. Unfortunately, it was the last day of the marketplace, so some stands were already closing, but it was very interesting to see foods and objects available coming from each continent. We even went on an attraction!

Before going back home, we went to a café to get a drink and some rest from the walk, as the market was quite big, it was a fun day. I also ended up recording a video of the marketplace, here it is:

Watch here!

24/09/2022 - First Video!

When I left in the afternoon to catch a bus to the city center, an older (35/40? And probably tipsy) Finnish man came to also wait for the same bus, and asked me something in Finnish, of course, my Finnish is still very limited, so I initially did not understand and told him I didn't speak Finnish, he then used his hands to sign that he was asking if I had a cigarette, which I didn't as I don't smoke.

We both quickly understood that he spoke little to no English and same for me in Finnish, despite this, we made small talk, he mentioned autumn coming and how pretty the leaves were, and such, while I explained in my limited Finnish that I am French, and only recently moved to Finland, he welcomed me in English, and called me his friends about three times with a fist bump. Very fun and friendly guy.

My shift at work went well, it wasn't as busy as the previous day, which had been quite overwhelming. I ate at work as well, around 10pm, a nice calzone. Then at the end of my shift, I had another dessert wine with a coworker, then left, around 11pm.

Finally, I recorded a short video along the Aura river, while talking about Turku and what I like about it, it will be linked below. More videos can be expected at random times when I feel like making some again. An overall great day!

Watch the video here!


22/09/2022 - Forest Walk

This was supposed to be more of a rest day, until my partner forcefully took me outside suggested we go on a walk, which was actually really enjoyable, it was a very nice and rather sunny day, the Finnish forest is a really peaceful and relaxing place, and we were able to take really nice pictures today, see below!

Pictures from the day!

20/09/2022 - Officially Hired!

On this day, I met with my now boss, for him to tell me whether or not I was actually going to be hired, or if in the end they weren't interested, and as it turns out, they were! I have secured a one year contract at that restaurant, as bartender! I am very happy about this as I love the working environment, and the coworkers seem very nice and fun. After hearing the news, I went to a nearby store, where my partner works, and got to tell her the news, as well as getting small groceries, and deserved treat.

Looking forward to my first official shifts!


17/09/2022 - A busier shift

Tonight was my second shift at the restaurant, it was a much busier night as an event was going on in Turku, we were fully booked. It was faster paced than last night, and I worked for about 7 hours total on this night. My job for now mainly consists of making drinks, serving wines and cocktails, with a bit of cleaning and setting tables here and there as well.

I'd still consider this day successful as I am yet to have broken anything so far! A busier, but still good day. At the end of the shift I got to enjoy a soup served by the kitchen to us, with a glass of dessert wine, which was rather good. Then went back home to take a well deserved shower, after feeling very warm at the bar for many hours!

I should be able to be taken long term soon, more updates will come. =)


16/09/2022 - First day at work!

Today was my first day at work, I've been taken for two "test" shifts, tonight and tomorrow, as bar tender. This first shift only lasted 3 hours as I was able to leave an hour early as it wasn't too busy, it was a good first shift as it wasn't too busy, I was shown around and shown how things work, how to do specific things, right alcohol amounts for different drinks, etc.

14/09/2022 - Job Interview!

This day was rather calm for most of the day, until the afternoon when I had a job interview I got at the restaurant we went to. It was actually my first proper job interview; and it went rather well, the owner seems very nice, and I am starting a test shift this weekend, and if things go well, I'll be working there for good!

Things are exciting despite being a little stressful, but they're going well.

12/09/2022 - Finnish lessons

Today my partner and I woke up rather early, as she had online classes starting today, while I needed to go to the city center to sign up for Finnish classes. This was a good opportunity for me to go to the city center and walk around town by myself for the first time, it was a sunny warm day.

Getting to the place to sign up was a bit confusing as I don't speak Finnish and had to guess I was at the right place (Which I was!), then wait for the signing up office to open. The woman I got to talk to first said there was no room left, but ended up doing some magic on her computer and found a way to add me to the classes in the end, beginner level, which will start in October. I'm looking forward to that!

After that I walked around town a little, then grabbed something to eat, and before catching a bus home, I bought flowers for my partner as a nice surprise. A bouquet of yellow roses, which I bought from the outdoor market, from a man who didn't seem Finnish or even to speak much English, but he seemed very nice nonetheless.

Once home, the rest of the day was rather calm, in a good way.

She was very happy about the bouquet. =)


10/09/2022 - Restaurant Night

After a few stressful days, with constant sending of work applications and soon signing up for Finnish classes, we decided to have a night out to a restaurant in the city center. It is a restaurant I had applied to work at the same day, after a french speaking person recommended it to me as they had worked there for about a year and a half in the past, before having to leave for studies.

We dressed fancy (or fancy-ish, as we could), and went for dinner, and it was a great surprise, the food was great and the service as well. It was a very international team, the main language spoken in the restaurant by workers was English, and it was very welcoming.

I started with "Pomodoro In Autonno" pasta, which was fresh pasta with butter and juniper leaf emulsion served with cherry tomatoes coulis and parmesan, followed by a "Nomad Tiramisu" for dessert, served with cacao ice cream and almond crumble. Both were great!

After that, we went for a walk along the Aura river, it was a very pretty and warm night, I love the boats on the side of the river, most of them are restaurants or bars as well! It was an amazing night.

Pictures from the night here!


06/09/2022 - Turku Church

Today, my partner and I went to the city center quite early, as she had a job interview there in the morning. After it was done, we walked around Turku and visited the Orthodox Church of the city, a very nice sight on a sunny day!

Pictures from the day and the church!

02/09/2022 - Shopping without speaking Finnish.

On that day, I decided to go to a nearby store by myself to get groceries for my partner and I. The store was about 2 kilometers away, and I went by biking, something I feel bad to admit I hadn't done in years. The weather was slightly colder than I was ready for with just a hoodie, but it was a bearable ride.

It was a good feeling riding again and admiring the Finnish landscape. Once I got to the store, I parked and locked the bike then went it. I had already been to that store the previous day with my partner, so it wasn't completely new territory, but still a fun experience to go by myself.

While it took me a while to find a few things, especially without being able to just read labels, as most are only written in Finnish/Swedish, it mostly went well, and I got out a game for the Switch we have!

The ride back home was way more enjoyable as there was no more uphill but downhill instead, so it was ready easy, and a very good time, I felt quite happy about the day. =)


01/09/2022 - Turku Again!

On the first of September, we went back to the city center where we enjoyed filled croissants and a drink, and later some bubble tea, which I had never tried before, it was a fun experience.

We also went through a Finnish market, it is impressive how they manage to sell Finnish fruits and vegetables almost all year long due to greenhouses.

By the end of the day, we stopped in a café for a last drink and treat before heading back home, it was a very tiring day, but I got some nice pictures out of it!

Here are the pictures!


30/08/2022 - Turku Adventure!

First day going to the city center, the day started very sunny and rather warm, until of course we stepped outside to take the bus, which is when it obviously started to rain, it seems it's a recurring event since I've arrived, that's just our luck. =P

We then went to meet with my partner's brother and girlfriend, we will actually move into their apartment in about 3 months, as they are moving away and it is closer to the city center, which would only benefit us.

Next up was the mall, we bought a lot of more of less interesting things, including a head massager which feels like a brain massage. I lost brain power while trying it. (Then bought it.)

We also went to a second hand clothing store, where I ended up buying a brown autumn coat as well as a green button up, definitely planning on returning to that store in the future for cheap and good looking clothes. =)

I took quite a few pictures that day, which are available down below, it was a long, tiring, but very good day, with a lot of walking around (and running under the rain, as our luck usually leads us to).

Here are pictures from the day!


29/08/2022 - Day 1 in Finland:

Day one was mostly a rest day, it was very nice to arrive to our own apartment finally, I unpacked my things and we rested.

Only exception was that we went to the store for groceries, I also did get a Finnish phone number which will help for the future, it was a very nice and sunny day.

Tomorrow we will go to Turku, to the city center, for shopping, and to visit my partner's family.

Things are going well. =)


A busy arrival:

The flight went very well, it lasted 3 hours, on a Airbus A220-300, I got to talk with a French girl also going to Finland for a semester, to study abroad, as well as a Finnish girl from Helsinki who had been on vacation in France.

It was great flying again, I was very excited about arriving. Upon landing, my luggage was luckily one of the first ones to come out of the hold, and I was on my way to find my partner. After a hug, we went to grab something to eat, and that's where things get complicated. We ended up missing our train back, and had to walk under the train to take a bus instead, which took roughly 3 more hours.

Things don't always go your way, but if anything it makes the day more memorable. =)

Here are some pictures!


Update at the airport:

All of the process is actually surprisingly easier than last time, the registration of luggage and boarding process is basically all automatic. It is exciting to go back. =)

28/08/2022 - 7 Hours Before Flight:

Any kind of stress has been replaced with excitement by now, the same excitement I felt when going to Finland for the first time. We will leave for Paris soon, which should be about a 3 hours drive.

25/08/2022 - 3 Days Before Leaving: Nostalgia

After some more packing today, I surprised my younger brother playing Minecraft on the PS4, it brought back memories of playing on PS3, console edition, back when that was a thing.

I decided to sit with him, and he let me generate a new world and build a house, I was playing Minecraft on console for the first time in at least... 5 years by now? Nostalgia hit me hard, of simpler days and sleepless nights playing games with friends. A good memory.

I built a very basic house, on a world that he will keep developing later.

Few screenshots linked below, just felt like sharing about this wave of nostalgia and good moment I spent, a last time playing with no worries before leaving, like we did as kids =).

Screenshots: Here!

Thank you for reading so far, take care =).


23/08/2022 - 5 Days Before Leaving: A Start

There we are. I will be moving to Finland in 5 days.

I have started to pack my things, I will mainly be bringing clothes, I wish I could bring my records but they'll have to wait until next summer.

I'm looking forward to living in Finland, it'll be like a fresh start, which will feel great, I'll have to find a job despite not speaking much Finnish yet, so I can't be too picky on what job I'll have at first, I'll take what I can to pay rent and keep attending Finnish classes.. or well, start attending them, I'll learn Finnish and I'm quite excited about it.

As you probably know if you're reading this, I'll be moving in with my girlfriend of soon 4 years. I love her and her very supportive and welcoming family.

Will I miss my own family in France? Of course. But it'll be worth it, they'll end up visiting us as well later.

I greatly miss the sauna. It's the best to relax and relive stress and tension from the day.

I'm also curious about how Finnish winter will be like, but we're not there yet =).

This is it for this start of... journal of updates, or whatever I'll wanna call it, about my experience in Finland, to which I'll try to bring more updates at least every week.

See you all later!