Personal Life


  • History - Geopolitics

  • Theater - Drama

  • Astronomy - Sciences

  • Statistics - Maps

  • Travelling - Languages

  • Philosophy - Nature

  • Games (See Home Page)

  • Video Creation - Online Communities


  • People who complain constantly - People who put others down all the time

  • Close minded people

  • Discrimination of any kind

  • Dishonest people

Favorite Pictures

The original "Pale Blue Dot" picture, from the Voyager I probe as it went past Saturn's rings, if you see a single white pixel, that's us. Carl Segan's words about the picture are beautiful: Read here

I actually plan on getting a tattoo inspired from this picture!

A clearer, more recent revision of the same picture. The so called "Pale Blue Dot", is Earth.

GN-Z11, one of the oldest and most distant known galaxies, estimated to be 13.4 billion years old.

Favorite Paintings

My favorite painter is Caspar David Friedrich, here are a few of his most well known/my favorites of his artworks, of the Romantic genre.

I like the very calm atmosphere of the paintings, which feel very relaxing to look at, my two favorites being "Wandered above a Sea of Fog" and "Moonrise above the Sea"

Wanderer Above A Sea Of Fog - 1818

Woman At The Window - 1822

Woman Before The Rising Sun - 1818

Moonrise Above The Sea - 1822

The Forum

"The Forum" is a Discord server I own along with two friends co-owning it. It regroups our interest in deeper conversations, either about the universe, religions, History, geopolitics, and of course, still fun topics and discussions.

It's a place firstly aimed at being able to discuss such topics without hate or tensions, while also being a small group of friends able to discuss shared interests at any moment, without fear of sharing things.

It is not public as of now as every potential invited person must be agreed upon by co-owners.

It is currently home to 45 members.